The Waves of an Afternoon 

With its main influences from the surreal filmmaker, Maya Deren, 'The Waves of An Afternoon' is a photo book in homage to the unfinished. Under the guise of a discoverer of an old film reel, the book attempts to piece together a lost story from a dead author through individual film stills, under six 'acts'. The unseen protagonist is taken through a series of environments, where s/he meets several mysterious figures; each baring an illuminative relation to their surroundings.

The book is put together with a significance placed on any 'lost' scenes that were not recovered during the discovery. As such, the blank pages are as every much important as the images themselves. Put together from 35 & 120mm images, one polaroid, six poems and one contact sheet, 'The Waves' features and expresses a project, enhanced by its process and multidisciplinary practice. 

This is the first edition, 1/100, of 'The Waves of an Afternoon', each copy being signed and numbered by the author.

Dimensions & Price
100 pages
25 × 20 cm
£59.99 incl. delivery 

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. 

Below are some example images of the printed book. Images from 'The Waves of An Afternoon' have been exhibited at De Montfort University; online as part of 'Bleak Bleak Bleak's second issue; and more recently at Redwood Le Café in Brighton, 2016. Separate images are also available for sale. Please contact me here for further information. 

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