I am a multimedia artist living in Brighton & Hove, in the South East of England, working mostly in photography, text, sound and moving image. My work tends to be the result of long form research-based projects that concern and are influenced by nature, both in its native state and as the direct result of human intervention. Current projects on-going follow these subsequent themes while taking into account cultural identity, history and folklore as relative mediums of discussion and critique. 

In addition to my solo artistic practice, I am also part of the Brighton-based folk collective, Bird in the Belly, as their resident visual artist and content creator. We released our debut album, 'The Crowing', on March 23rd 2018, to critical acclaim, which can be purchased here


BA in Photography and Video, First Class Honours, De Montfort University, Leicester, 2013
MA in Art History and Museum Curating with Photography, University of Sussex, Brighton, 2015
Ph.D. in Photographic Practice: 'This Land is a Little Land: A Photographic Study of English Cultural Identity, Folklore and the Landscape', University of Brighton, 2018 - present

press & publication

Web feature and online (and in-print) publication of 'The Waves of an Afternoon', Untitled Collective Annual Issue, May 2018
Web feature and online publication of 'At Land and Sea' and other selected work as part of l'Artiste de la Semaine (Artist of the Week), Le Presse Cervelle, available in French & English, Oct 2017
Web feature and online publication of selected work from Greece & the Island of Anafi, Untitled Collective Issue #4, Aug 2017
'Out to Ftena' photograph chosen to advertise launch of 1845.media, publishing house & owner of The British Journal of Photography, Jun 2017
Interview & web feature of selected work from Greece and Sussex, Photograd, Jun 2017
Winner of the 'Smartphone' category in the Black and White Magazine competition, publication, Jan 2017
Short story, 'A Shadow to Cast Light', part of 'Extending ley lines', a collaborative series of writings curated by Will Jennings, 2014
Selected images, Style Birmingham, 2014
Online portfolio showcase of 'The Waves of An Afternoon', Bleak Bleak Bleak Magazine, 2014



'scapes', a Group Exhibition organised by trace, including images from the exhibition 'At Land and Sea', The Marlborough, Brighton, April - Jun. 2018
'One Year Revolv', a Group Exhibition organised by RevolvCollective, including 'Out to Ftena', Safehouse 1, London, Jun - July. 2018


'At Land and Sea: An Audiovisual Study of Sussex', Nick Ford Photography Gallery, collaborative exhibition with musician Joe Davin, Brighton, Sept - Oct. 2017
Group Exhibition of Photographs at the Brighton Photo Fringe, Selected Images from a study on waves, Brighton, Oct. 2016
Selected images from 'The Waves of An Afternoon' & 'Kings Caple' projects exhibited at Redwood Café, Brighton, Mar. 2016
Screening of 'Dance to Gnossienne #1' as part of Screen Social Presents: 'MOVE', hosted by The Book Club, London, Feb. 2016
Screening of 'Experiment 01; Contortion' as part of 'Diálogos na Contemporaneidade: Tecnociência, Humanismo e Sociedade' at Univates, Brazil, Sept. 2015
Screening of 'Panacea's Score' as part of Lets Dance International Festival, Phoenix Leicester, May 2014


Ëpha's practice is distinctive in both its style and rhythm, tackling convictions of beauty and nostalgia. Such convictions are executed as a poetic visual representation, often inviting the viewer to infiltrate the inner realm of the artwork. He uses different mediums ranging from still/moving images, text, and music, aiming to inspect his ideas in different modes. The process of experimenting with different mediums allows both the artist and the viewer to re­-examine common motifs in a new fashion. 

Ëpha's work evokes the viewer’s intuitions up to a point where the viewer no longer feels responsible for trying to understand what the work means, and is left instead with an intangible mystery that is very similar to the state of a daydream.                                         

                     - artist, Karam Natour



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